How To Add Site To Google

To add your website to all search engines, you can follow guide: How to ping sitemap to all search engines.

Google is providing Google Search Console to webmasters so they can easily see, how their website is doing. This tool allows you to see:

  • How many URLs from your sitemap are indexed.
  • How many URLs from your website are indexed.
  • Which websites are linking to your website.
  • On which queries your website appearch in search results and on which position.
  • Recommendation for improving your website.
  • Broken links.

How To Verify You Website

First step is verifying, that you are owner of that website.

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and click on Search Console.
  2. Click on red button Add a property in top right corner.
  3. Verify ownership of that domain with one of the following methods:
    1. Uploading file to the root of your website
    2. Placing HTML meta tag to your site's home page
    3. With your domain name provider
    4. With your Google Analytics
    5. With Google Tag Manager

Now your website is verified and you can monitor how is Google crawling your website. Statistics shown in UI are around one week behind.

How To Submit Sitemap

Submitting your sitemap is straightforward too.

  1. Go to your property
  2. In menu select Crawler > Sitemaps
  3. In right top corner click on red button Add/Test sitemap
  4. Provide URL to your sitemap

And now you are done and you can monitor your website.

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